Biblioteca de Catalunya

The Biblioteca de Catalunya in the ISSN 40th Anniversary   

From the Biblioteca de Catalunya we are proud to contribute to congratulate ISSN for these 40 years. The initiative of the CIEPS represented a great advance in the identification of serial publications and therefore a help for its complex management. The main users of the ISSN in the National Library of Catalonia are the cataloguers. When they are cataloguing foreign serial publications, the ISSN Portal is the first place they look at.  It brings them very useful data for the catalogue: dates of beginning and end of publication, periodicity, supplements, electronic editions, etc. The link to the National Library that has the title is very useful because their catalogue can detail more information about the issues. Eight years ago by BOE Royal Decree 1405/2007 of 29 October the Biblioteca de Catalunya assumed part of the functions of the “Centro Nacional Español del ISSN” in the territory of the autonomous community of Catalonia. This decentralization has meant a major proximity to the Catalan publishing companies and has facilitated the diffusion of the benefits of the ISSN register. The other benefit that has been obtained refers to the bibliographic registers, the proximity to the publisher makes easier to know the relationships between serials publications: changes of title, fusions, suspensions, changes of publisher, etc. It is a pleasure to provide the users interested in the Catalan serials with those data that we appraise so much to find when we are cataloguing serials of other cultures or languages.


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