MDPI Testimony

Congratulations to ISSN on reaching its 40th birthday. We are proud that we can display the 8-digit ISSN number on all our journal homepages. What benefits does ISSN offer MDPI?

Users know which journal they are looking at
There are many journals out there, and it could be difficult for users to find further content from the same source, especially if it is being displayed by a third party. A unique number allows users to easily locate the journal, newspaper, database, blog, or other serial content they are looking at.

Conformity across indexing databases
To avoid every database inventing its own barcode system, ISSN is a standard that can be used by anyone archiving content. This makes it easier for us and them to identify exactly what has and hasn’t been indexed: we just quote the ISSN and the content can be checked manually or electronically.

What else is out there? Naming journals
By querying the ISSN database, we can see whether a journal name is already in use. This saves confusion when establishing new journals, and prevents two serials with exactly the name being published.

Thanks to ISSN
We thank the ISSN network for their hard work in maintaining a cross-publisher network that is of great service. Here’s to many more years of working together.

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