Scielo Testimony

SciELO Librarians Team

Scientific information is a primordial data in research´s development and innovation and in making decisions. The result of important researches in all knowledge fields is spread in scientific journals regularly published with an ISSN record that informs the first data of each publication.

An ISSN ensures that a publication is unique and enables to control identification and publication of journals, which is fundamental to maintain quality in Brazil’s scientific production.

SciELO uses ISSN as an information standardization model of its journals.

For us here at SciELO, ISSN is an imperative tool for the processes of evaluation, index and permanence of titles in our Data Base, because our work demands information standardization and it is by means of the available data in the Base that we are able to reach our goal of researching related items of a journal in a needed source; answering, this way, editors and the scientific community.

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