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ACNP is the Italian Union Catalogue of Serials It and is located at
It contains the bibliographic descriptions of serials held by Italian libraries. The catalogue has been promoted and carried out by the Institute for Studies on the Research and Scientific Documentation (ISRDS) since the 1970s.

Since 1989, the Interlibrary Centre of the University of Bologna (today, Area Sistemi Dipartimentali e Documentali) has agreed with CNR to carry out together ACNP catalogue.

To date, the catalogue is fed by 1171 libraries of different institutions: academic, public, corporate, and special libraries, and has reached 1.090.509 holdings.

The catalogue has been populated with 199.396 ACNP records. The working database for librarians has 1.811.899 records downloaded from the ISSN Register available to be derived.

Actually, libraries participating in the catalogue can derive records from the ISSN Register and add their holdings. If the record is not present in the ISSN Register, a library makes a proposal which is then validated by the Italian ISSN Centre and finally sent to the International ISSN Centre for registration into the ISSN International Register.

ACNP is an integrated catalogue because it not only offers serials descriptions and holdings, but also information about the libraries holding them, business hours, services, and document delivery terms and procedures. Single libraries, institutions and library networks can participate in the catalogue. If a library already has an electronic catalogue of serials with several titles, it can be uploaded with a batch procedure on ACNP.

In the years 1997-2000 ACNP has collaborated with the ISSN-IC for the CASA project.

CASA, led by CIB at the University of Bologna was  three year project funded under the ‘Telematics for Libraries’ group of projects in the EU Fourth Framework. CASA (Co-operative Action on Serials and Articles) aims to develop mechanisms, services and systems to support a virtual library of information on serials and articles. CASA aims to assist the work of professional users (in libraries, bibliographic agencies, publishing houses, union catalogues consortia and national ISSN Centers) as well as the end users of articles.

Since 2012, ACNP and ISSN-IC are partners for a project named SAIISA (Semi-automatic Assignment of ISSN to Italian Serials in the ACNP catalogue), which aims at assigning ISSN codes to Italian serials on the basis of the Italian ACNP catalogue, using the semi-automatic procedures developed at the ISSN-IC. SAIISA is established and managed by CNR, University of Bologna and ISSN.

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